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Introducing Nicotine Anonymous

Describes aspects of the organization and nicotine addiction

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Serenity Prayer for Nicotine Users

Explains each aspect of the prayer and gives tips on how to overcome cravings.

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A Nicotine User's View of the Twelve Steps

One member’s brief view point of each Step

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Tips for Gaining Freedom from Nicotine

Tips for prior, during, and after getting free of nicotine

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To the Newcomer and Sponsorship

Welcome information for new members including sponsorship

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Introducing Nicotine Anonymous to the Medical Profession

Program information relevant to medical professionals

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Facing the Fatal Attraction

Contains facts about the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of stopping its use

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Our Promises

Describes aspects of what we gain from recovery

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To the Dipper & Chewer: The Smokeless Tobacco User

Focuses on issues with chew tobacco use

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Slogans to Help Us Be Happy, Joyous and Free Living without Nicotine

Contains all our official Nicotine Anonymous slogans with explanations

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World Services, My Intergroup, and Me

Describes the many services provided by Nicotine ANonymous World Services and Intergroups

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Nicotine Anonymous: The Program & the Tools

Explains the Steps, Traditions, and five Tools of recovery

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Are you Concerned about Someone who Smokes or Chews Tobacco?

Support for the friends and family of nicotine addicts

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HOW Nicotine Anonymous Works: Honesty, Openness, WIllingness

Focuses on three basic principles of recovery

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Our Policy of Openness: Our Higher Power As We Each May Come to Understand

Explains our open policy regarding each member’s own understanding of a Higher Power and spirituality

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Abstinence: What is it?

Explains the Nicotine Anonymous fellowship's definition of abstinence from nicotine based on five of our Traditions.

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One of Each Pamphlet

This package includes one of each pamphlet

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