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Compact Disc: The Book & Our Path to Freedom Nicotine Anonymous: The Book - Fifth Edition Step Study Workbook
Step Study Workbook
Our Price: $15.00
Members read aloud the texts of these two books so other members can conveniently hear our messages of recovery. The CDs are also enjoyed when a member misses or is not able to attend a meeting. Nicotine Anonymous: The Book is our basic text of the program. It contains chapters that explain each Step and Tradition, the story of one of our co-founders, Our Story about the experiences of being a nicotine addict, and a Questionnaire that can elicit insights as a starting point to work on Step Four.

Nicotine Anonymous Step Study Workbook chapters briefly discuss aspects each Step that are followed by questions for members to answer. This is a powerful tool to utilize the benefits of the Steps’ process.
Newcomer's Package A Year of Miracles Our Path to Freedom
Newcomer's Package
Our Price: $10.00
A Year of Miracles
Our Price: $15.00
Our Path to Freedom
Our Price: $5.95
Explains sponsorship and the Twelve Steps for new members. Also includes member shares with assorted personal tips A Year of Miracles is a book of 366 daily meditations written by Nicotine Anonymous members to offer personal meditations, one day at a time, about many different aspects and principles of recovery from their addiction to nicotine. Our Path to Freedom is a collection of 12 inspiring stories of recovering nicotine addicts, including a pivotal story in the early history of our program that was a catalyst for the early growth of the Fellowship.
90 Days 90 Ways Newcomer's Booklet The Bylaws of Nicotine Anonymous
90 Days 90 Ways
Our Price: $5.95
Newcomer's Booklet
Our Price: $4.00
90 Days, 90 Ways is a book of 90 daily meditations (for three months) written by Nicotine Anonymous members to offer personal meditations about many different aspects and principles of recovery from their addiction to nicotine. Our companion book with 366 daily meditations is titled A Year of Miracles. The Newcomer’s Booklet is a pocket-size booklet intended for new members. Among the contents are sections that answer common questions about our program, information about sponsorship, a discussion of each of the Twelve Steps, short shares of members, and a “Grab Bag of Goodies” section with a variety of helpful tips and suggestions from members. The By-Laws of Nicotine Anonymous booklet has the rules and regulations for how Nicotine Anonymous World Services operates. These rules and regulations were voted and approved by delegates at annual conferences. Any changes or additions to the by-laws are also subject to such delegate approval.
The Twelve Traditions of Nicotine Anonymous (Extended Version) One of each English item package
This booklet provides an explanation of each Tradition and its purpose. A great way to get started in your Nicotine Anonymous program. This package includes one of each English book and pamphlet as well as the Voices of NicA CD. Jump start your recovery!